Gulf Coast Vacation 2018

As you have probably figured out by now I am Rick Peyton. That is me above attempting a mean muggin’ shot with my wife and two boys.

My commitment to updating this website has been pretty weak over the years, but occasionally I toss out a recipe or a tech tip that I want to hold onto.

In 2014, after 10 years in another career, I did a code boot camp and made to switch to software engineering.

I have been into technology since I was a pre-teen. I built my gaming rigs, hosted several online forums, built my own CMS for video game websites and just generally was fascinated by the internet.

But I never gave software engineering serious consideration as a pursuit until I started working closely with a developer in my previous career. I was the subject matter expert assigned to work with the developer to ensure our new shopping cart met our business needs. I found those design sessions to be the thing I looked forward to most.

After completing the boot camp I initially used my new skills to build tools to improve my efficiency in my previous work, but I knew I needed to be working with other engineers to improve my skills.

I was able to land a role with a consulting firm and built a couple of large evergreen projects in Ruby on Rails in 2015.

That job was a great first role and gave me the experience I needed to apply to and land a role with Ramsey Solutions in mid-2018.

My wife and went through Dave’s plan and, over four intentional years, paid off all of our non-mortgage debt, cash-flowed two adoptions and completely changed our trajectory.

I am super pumped to be working for a company that changes lives and to be writing Ruby code while doing it.

I have pretty much quit social media, but I would still love to chat.